Bring Your Process Description To Life With A Simple Graphic

It is fabulous – and so important! – to document your processes so that others can execute them when you are not there. Or, even when you are present, it is so much easier to give your team a heads-up on what to expect. In this video, I show you how converting some bullets of information into an easy graphic can bring your process to life. The idea is that you can grasp the process at a glance, and then fill in more detail. The result? People “get” it that much faster!

I’m Curious

Which processes could you document and teach in this way?

Live Brilliantly,

Dr. Stephie

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Stephie Althouse

2 thoughts on “Bring Your Process Description To Life With A Simple Graphic”

    1. Stephie Althouse

      I hear you, Jacquelyn. There are simple ways to get started with PowerPoint. Look on YouTube or find a simple course?

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