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Do You Need To Scale Your Business?

  • Do You Need To Make Your Business Into A Valuable Asset?
  • Do You Crave More Time To Fulfill Your Dreams?
  • Are You Here To Amplify An Exciting Mission That Matters?

Asset, Time, and Mission, or ATM for short... Wouldn't it be great to convert your business into a special ATM that delivered those three things?!

Only fill out this form if ready to take your business to the next level.

Scaling A Business Is Hard - Until Now!

  1. You get access to a self-paced online course.
    • In this course, Dr. Stephie reveals her secrets on taking "stuff" out of your head and putting it into the heads of others. We call that Brilliance Mining™.
    • This "stuff" is your knowledge, experience, and wisdom. This brilliance, as we call it, is critical for your success.
    • Your brilliance is hard to teach to others, especially because you are unaware of parts of it.
    • Your "unconscious competence" is the #1 reason scaling a business is often so hard and time-sucking.
    • Dr. Stephie created the Brilliance Mining™ method so you can transfer your brilliance to the right people. Suddenly and quickly, you convert your business into a valuable asset, you get your time back, and your mission flourishes.
    • Discover a new way that needs only small action steps to give you unexpected momentum in your business. Explode your business growth, increase profits, and create personal fulfillment.
  2. You also get one-on-one coaching with Dr. Stephie herself. You get three 30-minute sessions as part of the Brilliance Mining program. Of course, you can upgrade and ask her for more time, should you need it.

Yes, you read right. You are about to get the best of both worlds:

  • Self-paced learning, step-by-little-step, that fits into your busy schedule
  • Powerful personal coaching that addresses YOUR questions and needs.

Dr. Stephie has transformed hundreds of businesses with her Brilliance Mining™ method. Her course and strategic coaching are the fastest and most affordable way to scale your business and get an incredible ROI.

The Brilliance Mining Program Is Right If You:

Need To Scale Your Business

You're at a point where you are ready to grow and scale your business, but you don't know where to start.

Need Knowledge Preservation

You or your team members have an immense amount of knowledge that would be devastating if it was lost.

Are Ready To Develop A Powerhouse Team

You want to create a system that allows new or upcoming leaders to flourish, innovate, and take some of the load off your plate.

Have Difficulty Delegating

You struggle with the difficult task of delegating projects to the right people, or even at all.

Have Trouble Taking Time Off

You want to take time off but when you do you are bombarded with texts and emails asking for help, so what's the point?

Have Confusing Or No SOPs

Your company doesn't have Standard Operating Procedures or confusing ones that your employees constantly question.

Invest In Your Brilliance As Your Most Valuable Asset!

“Brilliance” represents your unique combination of expertise, experience, and wisdom that fuels your company’s success!
If you have a team, your company's brilliance is your tribal knowledge.
Brilliance is what you carry in your brain.
It is also what your team members carry in their brains.

Consider that your most valuable asset (your people with what they know) go home every day, and maybe not return.

Why risk losing the knowledge that could make your business more profitable or have a higher valuation when you sell it?

You have gold in your Brilliance Mine - Guaranteed!

Are you ready to extract it and see how much time, money, and enjoyment it will add to your life?

Brilliant Idea

I'm Ready To Take My Business To The Next Level

Alumni Testimonials

Irene Donnell

I participated in two of Dr. Stephie’s coaching programs. When I did the first program two years ago, my partner and I were trying to grow our marketing agency but we were stuck. Over the last two years, we have tripled our business revenue and at the same time, we have grown our team.

Dr. Stephie made sure our plan provided for work/life balance. We scaled without most of the growing pains so many small businesses have. I am in the second coaching program now because we are ready to refine our offering and productize some of what we do so well. In other words, we are ready to grow again!

Irene Donnell, Partner, P5 Marketing


“Working with you [using Brilliance Extraction™] has changed my life! My invention is now available in major box storesMy lifelong dream and vision to create a “Theory of Everything” is becoming a reality. I can’t thank you enough – this would not have happened with your skillful and caring guidance!”

Don Berg, Boeing Technical Fellow, Pioneer of Stealth


Tim Walker

"Dr. Stephie excelled in her coaching for my consulting/coaching business. We went from the start to the roll-out to the pricing. She is a great encourager and full of wisdom, and has exceeded my expectations. I had my first contracts in hand within less than three months! I couldn't be happier.” 

Tim Walker, Coach to Lead Pastors

Susie Carter

Thank you very much for believing in me! I now have my "brilliance dresser drawers" organized. I keep adding to them. Doing this is not my nature, so your support has been very helpful. I found that we can be more systematic in some aspects of our work. And I love the offboarding tool we createdThank you, that was brilliant and so much better than the "exit interview" form my HR company gave me!

Susie Carter, President/Owner, Mixed Media Creations

Through the Brilliance Mining™ program, you will

  • Discover how to mine and extract your company’s brilliance – without bogging down your experts
  • Find out how to build profitable systems that document and transfer your company’s knowledge from one expert’s brain to the brains of many others
  • Improve the processes you document via agile methods taught in this course
  • Strengthen your team of leaders by giving them a chance to step up – give them the gift of line-of-sight between their brilliance, its leverage, and the success of the company
  • Recognize great ROI opportunities

Discover The Brilliance Mining Program

The Brilliance Mining program 2023
Brilliance ATM

A "Done-With-You" Program: Get High ROI Wins Quickly

You will get

  • The Brilliance Mining course:
    • A few words up front
    • Module 1: Introduction
    • Module 2: Getting Into Action
    • Module 3: Brilliance Extraction
    • Module 4: Producing Your Brilliance Systems With High ROI
    • Module 5: The Brilliance Cafe - Case Studies
    • Bonus: How to use Notion for Brilliance Mining
  • Three 30-minute personal coaching sessions with Dr. Stephie - schedule via a scheduling link at your convenience

The Brilliance Mining™ Process Consists Of Three Stages:

  1. Brilliance Mapping™
  2. Brilliance Extraction™
  3. Brilliance Replication™
Brilliance Mining

You Had Me At Scaling My Business!

Meet Your Brilliance Extractor, Coach, and Instructor: Dr. Stephie

Hi, I'm Dr. Stephie. Nice to meet you!

Dr. Stephie talksIf you choose to be in this Brilliance Mining program, and we agree that you are a good fit for it, I will be your Brilliance Extractor™, business coach, and instructor. My Brilliance Extraction™ system is a proven method for pulling brilliance out of experts' brains and making it immortal.

But that is not where I started. I am a Ph.D. chemist by training and performed award-winning research and development with DARPA, NSF, and DOD agencies. My work included novel landmine detection technology in use today. I also learned about business to commercialize innovation. While growing and turning around several companies, I had an "aha" moment. It dawned on me that my superpower is recognizing the brilliance of people around me. "Brilliance" is the term I use to describe the unique combination of expertise, experience, and wisdom experts carry in their brains. Often we lose much of our brilliance because we fail to capture and transfer it to the right people.

I pull brilliance out of the expert's brain, systemize it, and support them in leveraging it. With the Brilliance assets, you can grow and scale your business. Your freedom rises to a whole new level. You have more time for being innovative and creative again. Your business becomes transferrable. Furthermore, this method makes your unique combination of expertise and wisdom immortal.

We work with business owners across many industries. We build systems for knowledge transfer. Systems include books, manuals, process maps, online courses, training portals, and more. Our courses have helped hundreds of people all across the U.S.

For years, business owners have worked with me one-on-one. Their return on investment has been incredible.

I'm so excited that we have launched this Brilliance Mining Program to teach Brilliance Mining™ to others. The course is expanding our bandwidth, making the method available to many more business owners at a price point that is affordable to most business owners.

What Is My Investment?

We have packed every imaginable support into this program:

  • The online Brilliance Mining course
  • 9 private PRIVATE coaching sessions with Dr. Stephie herself
    • You get personal support with implementing what you learn and completing a Brilliance Mining project you chose with Dr. Stephie's help
    • You get a link to schedule them at your convenience within a three-month window)
  • 9 hours* of practical implementation support (e.g., sorting knowledge we extracted from you, making smart graphics that express your ideas at a glance, PowerPoint work, extracting knowledge from video/audio transcripts)

Your investment is five payments of $2,000 for a 6-month program. If you pay in full upfront, we will extend a 10% discount.

That is an incredible deal. Consider your return on investment! Most clients get an ROI far greater than a factor of ten!

* Need more help creating the knowledge systems to scale your business? It is easy to upgrade and get even more implementation support.

satisfaction guaranteed

Happiness guarantee: After qualifying and paying for the Brilliance Mining program, you get full access to the program for 14 days. That includes a personal implementation session with Dr. Stephie. You can walk away or stay in at the end of the 14 days. So far, no one has taken the option for a full refund.

With this industry-leading happiness guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What To Do Next?

You are probably in one of two spots now:

  1. You are thinking, "Yes, I want to do this! How do I get started?" or
  2. You have more questions.

Either place is great!

Here is how to get started: Fill out the brief application form here and Dr. Stephie will contact you.

She will answer your questions and work with you to honestly evaluate your opportunities from this program. The program must be a good fit for you and have a high payoff.

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